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Products & Services

We offer a variety of solutions in the areas of:

There are many different product options to select in these areas, and sometimes your existing materials may simply be re-used and reinstalled. We encourage you to set up a meeting with us to discuss which services and products best match your specific needs, and we can then provide you with a free estimate.

Interlocking walkways, driveways and patios

Choose from a variety of our suppliers to pick interlocking stones which best suit the look of your house or a desired landscaping theme. We can ensure you have several options to help adjust the cost of the materials to suit your target budget, and can even recommend what we think would look best for within your target budget.

Stairs and front entranceways

We offer a variety of solutions to create interlocking and natural stone stairways and front or rear entrance ways. Many houses currently have outdated, sunken, unlevel and completely unsafe entranceways, or stairways. Allow us to design a new look for the uneven ground in your property in need of a stairway.

Retaining walls

Retaining walls can be an integral part in separating various elevation points in your property. They can also serve as an excellent finishing touch to an entranceway, a patio or walkway, or even add character to a lifeless area in your property. Whether you are looking at practical applications, or for an aesthetic boost, we can design a variety of retaining wall solutions to meet your budget.


Fences serve a variety of purposes, such as:
  • Providing privacy for you and your family
  • Increasing household safety in isolating a swimming pool, hot tub, or other potential hazards
  • Helping contain pets
  • Assisting in deterring trespassing and vandalism

Sodding and lawn renewal

Having a great lawn requires constant care and attention in the battle against weeds and insects, particularly since the banning of harmful pesticides and herbicides. Many people also experience lawn damage as a result of other construction projects, moving, snow clearance, and damage from pets and other animals. Let us take you from yellow, brown and black, to the vibrant green lawn that you’ve always wanted!


We perform a variety of grading projects for customers, mainly as a part of our other services. For example Interlocking projects and lawn renewal generally involve grading the land away from houses to prevent flooding, and retaining walls may change the grade of a yard. There is often more to grading than simply moving dirt around!

Our Suppliers:

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